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Related article: Date: Monday, October 9, 2006 16 55 -0700 53rd From: Jay Roberts u003cdiplomat1501 msn. com u003e Subject: s "In My Bed Bother " by Jay Roberts incest gay the title sounds like a nice story for children. It is not, unless you is 18, you can relax for sleep. But if you are under 18 years You have to go. Tommy was eight years old, Ben, his brother was ten years old when the family was bankruptcy. They had their beautiful three-bedroom house in a single step small one bedroom apartment. Mom and Dad slept in a bed in the living room and the boys for the first time had to share a double bed. in the old house each had their own room. Ben complained about it, but it was Tommy secretly pleased. He loved and admired his older brother, even though Ben ignored him most of the time and complained it does not interfere, and his friends. N 'Get your own friends, "Ben would say, perhaps, but Tommy shy and had trouble making friends at the new school.. He felt that most of the boys in the class were difficultand took him away. After Ben came a rescue, and pushed the executioners and told him to leave Tommy alone, , but that was only once. The harassment continued. Tommy thought that Ben was a wonderful person, especially at night when he hard act to drop and Tommy treated as a pet. "We believe, You are Freddie. Freddie was the teddy bear that Ben had loved and been childhood, but somehow got lost during the move. " Well, What should I do ? " " Nothing " I just try to Freddie. " It's about putting Ben Freddie / Tommy intention of his body and hugged him, he quickly got into sleep n. Tommy was thrilled. Ben felt warm arms around her and gently Ben breath on my neck. she felt protected, safe and sleepy. let fall into a deep sleep. Later that night she felt the movement behind him. Ben rubbed his body against Tommy and the murmur affection for Tommy / Freddie. Tommy was very hot, deep love for Ben n and attention it always was. With a smile slipped into sleep her pretty face, which soon became a very pretty face. In the morning, said Tommy. "Ben said, so capricious," " I slept so well.. I like hugs and Freddie His 'n You do not know what you talkin' How about injecting. Shut 'n git dress. " not the smart Tommy took much thought to recognize him if he wanted to This snuggley more warm nights, he was quiet n closed. And so began a hoax by two children. Or recognize their nocturnal activities, and as long as it was not verbalized , it was like do not occur. Two years later, Tom, as it is called now, ten years, and Ben was twelve. o Tom was tall and thin, about a foot taller than Ben. Ben refused to be next to it measured to the top of the head with a book. Ben was one of the first matures. at age twelve, he was shown a bit of hair in the armpits and Tom realized that his brother was a teenager smell. was intoxicating Tom. penis of Tom had grown in size from baby to go from one, three inches. the scrotum now two balls that he was there and could Little Lolita Porn be the penis of contents s was often difficult. He loved it, against its leaves at night and rub if did the time for a delicious feeling of electricity that passes through the body of his s and mourn him in silence. Runs out and he would be a very deep sleep afterwards. Tom soon learned of this activity as , would be shaking the bed. When Ben said he wanted to put his of arms to comfort his brother. He worried that Ben had something wrong with it, an incurable disease. talked about one day with his only school friend, Barry. Barry laughed and fell on the record that they were. "It's the drug, his brother was wackin 'off is not it? " N He told Barry not, but was afraid to try to mourn, as did Ben s. "I was crying," was " enjoyin ' jes cumin. " I would like to show here,. "They were veryin the wooded area, so nobody Little Lolita Porn could see. that pulled his pants and underpants Scooby -Do. Tom was not interested Barry penis visible. There were many times when they were thin diving. But he had not seen since the summer and seemed larger and had some hair, maybe three at the top. Barry shook his penis, and reacted with increasingly large and keep lifting it out. "It s of it. " He fell Tom his bags and emulate what Barry had done. "It feels good, Barry. That's it? " " No, no, that's JES the beginning. Now take two fingers and rub is up and down his cock. this is what the boys do not. I'm going to do, of it. "forgot Tom Barry as his cock there was more and more alive. vibrations traveled up and down my legs and breathed strong. Suddenly he stood still and wept. "Oh, Oh " vibrate his penis n and jumped, sending wonderful feelings throughout the body. Soon ends his head hung in the fAtig. Beside him, Barry was laughing at him. " You did. Great eh ? I'm now at the end. 's Relatives to see. " Tom watched closely. Barry uses all fingers and stroked Wild stiff legs and mouth open. Then he opened his mouth and belched and Little Lolita Porn groaned and fell forward, his head hanging as Tom had. "Oh, shit was that is very large. " the next day were deliberately lied in it. this time Barry took over. He took Tom 's cock and stroked it. Tom was that nothing in the world could rival the feelings of great Barry produced. This time an orgasm almost cried. Barry grabbed him and gave him a hug to comfort him. When he had calmed Barry said, "Well, I shag n. " Tom did, he did Ben. He felt the shaft, and soft n tickle the balls. He retracted the foreskin and thumb Barry the head. Barry opened his mouth. "Oh shit Tom, who is as good as it should be illegal is going to get my semen. , That the families feel. Oh!"This is very good. " The s began to shake and his body began to rise, and he was convicted. Suddenly left threw back his head and howled. "Gee, I 'm going to die ' for pleasure. " Tom could not resist. Although Barry was a little overweight and that s a big nose, at this time, Tom was overcome. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to his s against Barry. Barry said his arms around Tom n squeezed as they parted, said Barry. "We are like lovers. We practice Kissin ' hafta like to do with the girls, we have to be an expert. " Tom was a little embarrassed to be so cozy with Barry fat. Now Barry knew too much about it. I was afraid that Barry would say that other children, n A That night, bathed and went to bed before Ben even came into the room. After Ben finished his task and took Tom made ​​his n asleep. Ben quickly washed and push down on the bed. sighed and put loving arms around Tom makes noises like " Mmm. " Tom pushed back of hand I could feel his cock pressing against the teenager Ben back of his s. He sat shaking his penis rubs underwear Toms. Tom sat down. Ben jumped back. "Ben, I learned of today s Barry. " " Yes, if Barry was to be stupid. " "I've learned wacking out, just like you. I want to do with you. "n " We're talking shit. do not be stupid as your friend. to sleep and is not always so to speak, that he did it again. n Tom ever. " Several nights passed without any comfort of Ben, but for n On the third night after he fell asleep Tom was about half awake, Ben against him. Ben was breathing with difficulty, and felt his tongue lick her neck. Ben was moving against him, moaning n easily. Tom pushed back. Ben then hand on Tom 's underwear and became an took thick for the child. He awkwardly patted her back position , but Tom loved it. His breathing was so strong as his brother. The two shook together, until suddenly, Ben and pEnis staggered and wet the the back of Tom 's pants. At that moment Tom felt his penis vibrates and Shake, and I was trying to pee. He groaned, until it dropped to asleep. The next morning he was awakened by Ben. "You sleep well? " " Well, as usual. " Nodded Ben. And so began the subterfuge. The sky belief. To meet the eleven years of Tom, Ben gave him a radio, for which it is said. dad told the boys that things were better in their work, and could n in a position to move to a bigger place and the kids can have their own room. Both boys said, about the same time they do not mind bunking together. His father gave them a pat on the head. " It's great that you want to help. We will see. " thirteen years of age, Ben was one of the young people could be years over, maybe fifteen. Tom loved the hair that grew in the arms of Ben and legs. Even the muscular ass had a weak soft cover. Tom seemed to to remain a child, hairless, with the exception of abeautiful bush in its tail, the same color as the hair of straw. His penis grew. It was much larger than its brothers and thought that Ben was jealous. Ben 's cock was much bigger and if the bottom had an interesting twist. The Secret Life night continued. Well, if Ben Tom said, it would be Tom shoot actually a thin watery Ben licked his fingers if there is honey. Tom would be looking forward to masturbate to get to Ben, but to do this require some engineering at night to spoil your game. was a couple of weeks after his birthday, Tom finds that he would like to his brother directly. He stayed awake after Ben had fallen asleep, this time in the back. She turned toward him and looked him in the face and ear n in breathing. He Little Lolita Porn put his hand on Ben 's chest and felt the warm soft the skin. It was in the chest, where the boy had pimples on athletic subscribed side of his chest muscles developed. Which were established now. He passed his hand a. Ben made ​​a noise in his sleepbut to not wake up. Tom slid lower belly and hair feeling faint stripes that led Ben in their underwear. He put his hand on his crotch area. Ben penis slipped out of the fabric. " He must be 'something ' bout dreamin sexy " thought Tom, now breathes audibly, to really get the same sex. He reached into his pants on one leg and pushed his cock s hard , dip the tip. It was very hot. " I love this cock," said out loud and began to stroke it. with the other hand, raised his scrotum, sticky, with night sweats. Fortunately, Ben turned to him so he got a better position. He started gently stroking Ben. 's hips suddenly Ben s -wave to and fro, as feelings overcame him. his tongue extend and complained of pleasure. Tom held the double pleasure, a hand that moves smoothly and quickly through the now stiff cock over and tickled the other in the scrotum. Ben soon opened mouth and almost jack knifed, their semen hellot it. Hang on his cock and shot strings n cum on her belly and chest. Tom thought it would never end. that complained with his brother. Soon the shooting ended, and Ben removed. Tom quickly fucking cock until an orgasm. In the morning, nothing was said and nothing seemed to have changed in any way. Tom was promoted and was determined this might go in terms of photos I had seen in a catch that showed Barry. A week passed and nothing happened at night. Both guys were really tired, Ben of his training with the football team and Tom, because s for the study of exams. But Tom fell to Ben asleep. He wasted no time. It was now or never. Gently on Ben the back. Ben seemed asleep, and had to shoot a heavy load. Little Lolita Porn even the older brother was in the back, reached for his brothers Tom and drawers brought to its knees. His tail was a little swollen, but not hard thighs hairy against children. theCouncil was slightly above the form the foreskin. Tom put his head on Ben 's stomach and stuck his tongue and licked the head of the cock of her brother. Ben rang in his sleep. The cock rose hip and stiffened to full erection easily show down, Tom stood up and put the tip in the mouth. He could taste an n some milk before it just started to leak. I could hear Ben breath and lifted her hips to get more of the good feeling of in the queue. Tom sliding his brother's stomach and took all the fat s cock in her mouth. Ben now stopped pretending he was asleep. He put his hands on Tom's head and pushed up and then down. Tom realized that Ben was the mouth of hell, but he was in heaven. Both were moan. At times, named Ben who was running and wait Tom again, but clung to her brother 's cock and swallowing is stimulating the muscles of his neck. Ben was frozen in ecstasy and then as called shota heavy burden on the mouth hot brothers. more - y he resisted and fired again, Tom swallows all the time. He had ceased to and Tom had to leave the tail of his brother because he was always sensitive. Ben came up and kissed him. Ben returned the kiss, but suddenly seemed the importance of what he did and became his head, then turned his body and tried to fall asleep again. only before he fell into a deep sleep, murmured benefit for Tom. " Do not expect to do more for you. " In the months of his father smiling more every night for dinner. that s known in a week would be in a bigger house. Tom knew that miss the warmth of his brother in his bed, but there was no way to deter dad. moved. Around the same time, Ben began to tell Tom ", t, and their daughters. " "I really like. We have here some " Foolin around, and really out of it. She is hot ! "Said licked his lips. One night, Tom slipped introom or Ben. He thought he could Ben was suspended after sitting like an idiot in his underwear, and was n in his back. "Here, let me do it," said Tom. Ben said he took Tom " Tom come, ".. "Tom, I with a ball with Peg. It feels good. 'll Do what I want... you know about sex..... You must get to a girl his own. " nodded Tom and said, " Maybe," came to him to play Ben 's tail. ", I mean, brother, a girl," suggested Tom 's hand away. Tom never had a girl, but he has found someone who looked very similar to Ben. end
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